[ tps ]

Taiyo Publishing System

What is "tps"?

[ tps ] is the futuristic publishing system dedicated to ambitious authors all over the world.

Using [ tps ], you can publish books of literature, science, education, law, history, philosophy, and any other fields.

Publishing Forever : Always, you can order your book from one copy. There is no "out of print."

ISBN : International Standard Book Number is given to your book.

Distribution : We send books worldwidely to book stores (including Amazon.co.jp) that can deal books directly from publishers.

National Library : Your book is preserved in the Japanese National Library.

Royalty : Every year, we pay royalty according to annual sales.

[ We accept books in any fields. ]

As the futuristic global publisher, we have published more than 1,200 titles of books, including poetry by junior highschool students and academic books by university scholars. Some writers have published more than 10 books in the past 14 years by using [ tps ].

[ We send your book from one copy whenever you need. ]

[ tps ] makes it possible for authors to order your book from one copy whenever you need. For instance, you might need 5 copies after 10 years and 7 copies after 12 years from its first print. We can send the copies. Out-of-print no longer exists.

[ tps ] in Details

1. Reasonable Fee
- You can publish your books at 1/10 of regular publishing fee in the market.

2. Publishing Forever
- You can order from one copy.
- Regarding book orders from others, you don't have to pay.
- Out-of-print no longer exists.

- International Standard Book Number is given to your book.

4. Distribution
- We send books worldwidely to book stores that can deal books directly from publishers.

5. Amazon.co.jp
- You can buy your books at [ Amazon.co.jp ].

6. Royalty
- You will receive royalty annually based on sales.

7. Book Cover
- You can put images (pictures or illustrations) on the book cover for free.

Steps to Publishing (Usually 1 - 2 months)

1. Send your manuscripts to our [ Editorial Office ]. WORD or TEXT form is recommended. Make sure that you put your name, address, postal code (Zip), and telephone number.

2. Editing the text.

3. Editing the book cover.

4. We upload your book information on Taiyo Shobo HP.

5. Print/Bookbinding and Shipping.

[ Publishing Fee ]

- The fee you need for [ tps ] consists of "Editorial Fee" and "Book Cost."

1. Editorial Fee (US$)
[ (Page #) x 1.5 ] + 500

- Minimum (Page #) of "100" is applied for a book less than 100 pages.

2. Book Cost (US$)
(Book price) x (amount of copies) + (Shipping Fee)

- The "book cost" is applied for books that authors ordered for their purpose.
- Authors do not have to pay for books ordered by readers.

[ Option ]

1. Images (Photos and Illustrations) in the Text
- You can add images in the text.
- Option fee for images: $10 for each image

2. Book Band
- You can make a book band for your book.
- Option fee for book band: $100

3. Decoration Paper
- You can add decoration paper between a cover and a text.
- Option fee for Decoration Paper: $100 (Color:Right Blue)
- You can change the color of decoration paper: $150

4. Revision
- You can revise your book after the first print.
- Option fee for revision: $1.5 x (Total Book Pages)






[ Nondiscrimination Policy ]

Taiyo Shobo Corporation, in accordance with applicable prefectural and national laws and the Japanese Constitution, prohibits discrimination on the basis of nationality, age, gender, religion, citizenship, politics, race, disability, and ancestry. This nondiscrimination policy covers all the procedures of application as well as editorship.