How To Order

Taiyo Shobo provides the following ways to order books.

(i) You can order books by sending an E-mail.
Make sure that you put name, address, postal (zip) code, book title, quantity of copies.
A creditcard (VISA or MasterCard) is used for the payment.

(ii) You can enjoy online shopping by using a Creditcard.
From our Bookshelf, visit a bookshelf of a particular field, and click "Order" right next to the booktitle.

(iii) You can order by using our Order Form.
A creditcard (VISA or MasterCard) is used for the payment.

(iv) Print one of the following order forms, then send via postal service.
A creditcard (VISA or MasterCard) is used for the payment.

1.Order Form [Word] (You can attach this form to an e-mail.)

2.Order Form [PDF]

Taiyo Shobo Corp.
1-9-3 Shin-Ishiyama,
Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture,
950-0851, Japan

Shipping Fee and Other Information

If you are living in Japan, shipping fee is 400JPN Yen for each time, no matter how many books you order.
If you are living outside Japan, we shall send you an e-mail, and let you know the shipping fee.

If you are living in Japan, you can choose "daibiki" service at 400JPN Yen.
You can also choose an option of "postal transfer."

Postal Transfer Account:
Account Name: Taiyo Shobo
Account Number: 00570-5-61360

About Creditcards

Order Form




[ Nondiscrimination Policy ]

Taiyo Shobo Corporation, in accordance with applicable prefectural and national laws and the Japanese Constitution, prohibits discrimination on the basis of nationality, age, gender, religion, citizenship, politics, race, disability, and ancestry. This nondiscrimination policy covers all the procedures of application as well as editorship.